Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today has been the most eye opening experience yet. Ann (my partner in crime) started at the headqurters in the fundraising department. When we arrid things had settled down and didnt have much for us to do. Ann and I decided to take an adventure to different departments to find something. Her analogy was the squeaky chair gets the grease. Met a man named Roberto and found out Ann was trained to drive an ERV. After re-assigning us to the mss care division we were shipped out to Queens. After arrival we were quickly separated to different ERV's so I've been riding around with two gentleman who embraced my nutty humor and we had a great time. We have been driving sound in Jamaica Bay handing out food to a local fire station while we finished round through the rest of the town. There have been boats in the middle of roads, numerous kitchen appliances, and other items that have been completely destroyed. I asked one gentleman we served food to said that he helped his neighbor that was stick up against his fence droning from all the water coming up. Another lady was still was without heat so we handed her a blanket but wanted to give a me huge hug. Almost broke my heart. Another family braved the storm to get a grill and be able to cook his family a warm meal. We cauht them on the way home disappointed because they couldn't find gas to get the grill going. Our chili put the smile right back their face Right now families are just starting to get power back on and heat in their homes. One boy said how excited he was to just take a hot shower. I've realized how much I've take small things for granted. Tonight I will be staying in a staff shelter with around 300 other Red Cross volunteers at SUNY college westbury and I can't wait. (hopefully I can say the same thing tomorrow) but u have my ear plugs. If has been snowing like crazy here and might not be able to make it back out.


  1. Wow..I can see how those stories are heart wrenching..I cant imagine! I'm glad you have made friends with some other volunteers though :) someone to share stories other than your goofy roommate creeping your blog! Ha

  2. Keep creeping Abby! I love to read your comments plus I know someones reading the thing.. Lol. It's so hard writing this from my phone I can't read anything I type.

    Miss you!