Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 4 and the start of 5

Day 4 was a long day. Sleep has been limited but its part of the experience. I joined my co-part yesterday in her ERV along with a girl named Josie. While waiting for our food we lightened the mood by going back and forth playing New York inspired music over the loud kspeakers on our trucks. I think everyone in line, cooks, and loaders enjoyed it . (some did not U) but you can't please everyone. I don't think I told this story yet of a family I helped the other day. It was a family of 4 and when we drove by they were sitting by their window with a dim light (maybe a candle) they were all huddled around this so we stopped and a small boy was just waving at me like crazy. (it was so cute) I waved them out to come see if we could offer them anything but said they were fine. I asked the small boy if he wanted a treat and he came back with the biggest smile. The mom looked at him with tears and told me that was the first time in weeks she seen that smile. Of course I started tearing as well. he asked what we had and we had pudding and he wanted chocolate.. Luckily we had some so I gave him the whole commercial kitchen size. His mom laughed, we laughed and his eyes lit up like out was christmas morning. just luckily she had a can opener. We also gave the whole family a hot meals and blankets. Today were teaming up with my last ERV drivers and headed or to Breezy Point to serve more than 1,000 meals. I guess this location was destroyed and families lost everything and are still without power. So I guess we will be very welcomed and be a long enjoyable day. Also I guess we are going to have some celebs and press showing up so if your watching the news were at the Aquaduct Race Track and were kitchen 2.. Oh and last but not least... Go Huskers! :) Miss you all!


  1. Touching story! Just think, next week, instead of having to cheer for the Huskers from miles away, you will be sitting right there :)

  2. It was an amazing experience... Im excited.